Shoot! 4.0

A ballistics software for people who want to improve their ability
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Shoot! is a very handy application that provides users with all the necessary information to turn their gun/ammo combination into a sharp long range shooting rig. The application is highly customizable and allows users to select the atmospheric conditions (including altitude, temperature, humidity, wind, and pressure), add as many guns as desired, including accurate information about them(such as sight height, barrel length, scope adjustment, weight, among other things) as well as necessary comments, etc. The same happens to the loads, since the users can include detailed information about them. Users can also customize a target range and zero range to perform a perfect shoot. The program has the ability to provide ballistic tables and reports, and graph multiple trajectories to compare loads. The application will show all the shoots, even if the users miss the target, and will help them to make the necessary adjustments to achieve their goal. The user interface of the program is not really attractive but at least it is very intuitive.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Clear graphics


  • Not very attractive user interface
  • Trial only available for 7 days
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